This Is Why You Should Be Using Bar Soap

Soap bars have had a bad reputation for years. Critics argue that it is dry and inferior to traditional liquid soaps. So while it is true that certain soaps contain additives that can dry out the skin, there is a new wave of natural and ecological soaps, both for the body and the face, that will make you rethink your liquid cleanser.

Most people have started using bar soap, but what they would actually find to be a decent facial cleanser are the ingredients of the gels, creams, liquid or strong soaps that we use to clean our skin (think there are fragrances and unpleasant chemicals).

And where do you find these unwanted ingredients most often? Typically in a lot of liquid soaps.

While not all liquid cleaners are evil, but there are many brands that have unsuitable ingredients, and that's where things get a little bit tricky. You have to pay careful attention to the INCI and learn to identify the ingredients that can hurt you. Many liquid soaps, including natural ones, are full of chemicals such as surfactants and preservatives that should be better avoided.

Bar soap is made with sodium or potassium hydroxide, but when the preparation is handled properly, the hydroxide disappears and only the soap molecules and the hydrating glycerine remain. Great. Great, huh? Formulation in a bar allows you to add a higher concentration of pure and good ingredients to the skin , leaving out all the "bad" substances that your skin does not need.

Bar soaps are, among other advantages, more environmentally friendly due to their packaging and are also easier to transport. Plus, some of the newer natural bar soaps are specially formulated for the face and body, so investing in one can also make your routine simpler.

When you want to make a change, just make sure that you have the correct formula for your skin type.

As a suggestion, we 're recommending you don't run the bar directly over your face or body. Instead, moisten your hands and face and rub the soap bar with your hands for about 10 seconds before using foam to gently clean the skin. It's the same thing for washing your body in the tub.